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What are Denas-Applicators needed for?

The collection of Denas devices is being constantly updated with new pieces of therapeutic equipment. These encompass the latest results achieved through meticulous research work led by scientists around the world. 

Some of the latest additions are made to enhance the work of the existing devices, such as Denas-PCM-6. This is an already powerful gadget capable of dealing with some of the worst symptoms of back pain imaginable.

These Dens-applicators are made on the basis of a essentially new technology. They use a special material that has been dermatologically tested and approved for its elastic properties. It is mainly made of silicone with conductive wadding. The external electrode was created as an alternative solution to the original electrodes introduced for Denas devices.

DENS-applicators are really easy to use. These can be fixed anywhere on the problematic zones, like limbs or joints. The only thing that’s needed is to attach the electrodes and take a lying position. The therapeutic procedure can doesn’t require for any additional support. Exposure to large areas reduces the session time and treatment time, thereby increasing efficiency. By using these special applicators, you are getting the following benefits:

– Possibility of reducing the complexity of therapeutic sessions;

– A soothing effect on the back and joints;

– A tight connection to any area that causes discomfort;

– Convenient additions for lengthy and recurring sessions.

What are the main advantages of using the newest addition?

Reliability – The applicators of the new generation are created out of silicone. The electrodes are contact tracks, containing conductive filler, which are located on the working surface of the applicator. These are easily bendable and can be applied to any part of the body, ensuring a complete fit.

The probability of spontaneous breakdown during operation is reduced to zero. Applicators can even be washed with running water and soap, treated with hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant solutions.

Multifunctionality – Encompasses 3 electrodes. The first one can be applied on large flat surfaces. The second electrode is very convenient for working on the limbs. The third applicator is shaped like a horseshoe. This one is especially handy when it’s needed to be applied on a less flat surface, such as an elbow or knee.

Maximum comfort – The Dens-Applicators kit includes three fixation cuffs of various lengths to help secure the electrode to any part of the body. The cuffs have retained the principle of the constructor. If necessary, they can be lengthened or shortened by fastening together.

The electrode has a connector for linking a wire that connects it to the device. The connecting cable for the new applicators is straight and rather long, with a length exceeding a meter. This is an independent part that can be replaced with a new one in the event of a malfunction.

The service life of the applicators is 5 years, but if you follow the simple rules of operation indicated in the instructions, you can be treated with comfort for many years!

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