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Denas electro reflex therapy for sportsmen undergoing coaching with great physical exertions

Baturina I.D.,  

Ukraine State Research Institute of Physical Coaching

Kiev, Ukraine

Female athletes with high qualification in boar racing undergoing a special coaching session in Kiev on the Trukhanov Island had a long and detailed discussion of the potentialities of DENAS electro reflex therapy. They also had a chance to see how DENAS device was practically applied. As the sportswomen had just come to this meeting after the coaching during which they exercised weight lifting, naturally all of them felt “constraint” and stiffness of muscles in the back, arms and legs as well as myalgia.

After the 30 minute demonstration of the DENAS device on one of the sportswomen, namely the device was applied to the area of direct projection of aching muscles, she felt that all pains and other unpleasant sensations disappeared and complete muscular relaxation occurred. The athlete found that the procedure was much more pleasant than the course of massage performed by a highly skilled specialist. In contrast to massage during the device therapy no additional pain was caused and the consequent effect of muscular and psychological relaxation was complete.

This effect was further objectively confirmed when the next morning I carried on a routine examination of the whole group of sportswomen when they were at rest aiming at determination by means of some special biochemical blood tests how their organisms had restored after the previous day heavy physical coaching. It turned out that the sportswoman who had had a DENAS therapy showed a complete restoration. All the other sportswomen showed various degree partial restoration, which was always a rule. Thus, the chief coach and I were convinced both subjectively and by laboratory findings in the advisability of DENAS electro reflex therapy in sports coaching. Afterwards the team purchased the DENAS device to use it regularly.

I would like to give some more examples of successful DENAS electro reflex therapy application in athletes practicing heavy exercises and high-speed types of sport.

From March to August 2004 year I was working as a sports biochemical specialist in the Ukraine National Athletic Team (hurdle race and sprint). I always had my DENAS device with me during coaching sessions. Having learnt about DENAS capacity the sportsmen presented with different complaints. For example, complaints of pain caused by overstrain of the spinal column and joints (mostly, elbow, knee and ankle joints); also by overstrain of various muscles or damage of the tibia periosteum and pain associated with other minor traumas and traumas of muscular skeletal system. In every case I used DENAS electro reflex therapy (by this time I had completed DENAS qualification courses).

In case of an acute condition (first occurrence of severe pain) therapy was performed in “Therapy” mode at 77Hz frequency at maximum energy level and/or comfortable energy level until the pain was completely relieved or its level was significantly decreased. As a rule the duration of one procedure was from 7 to 20 minutes. In case of emergency a sportsman got the first aid immediately at the stadium during his coaching. Following therapy almost all of them could resume the coaching.

In case of more serious traumas not requiring surgical intervention such as sprain of the ankle or Achilles’ tendons, “advanced” and chronic impairments the therapy was performed twice a day for 3 days or 3 weeks. At that, “Test” mode as well as “Therapy” mode were used at comfortable energy level when indicated. All athletes following DENAS electro reflex therapy showed high positive effects manifested in quick pain relief, significant decrease of the rehabilitation period compared to that following conventional methods. Besides, DENAS electro reflex therapy enabled to heal the athletes without suspending them from physical exercises.

I would like to present one particular case from my practice. In March 2004 a young and promising sportswoman R.A. specializing in sprint sought medical attention. She complained of muscular pain on the posterior surface of the right femur. She could not actively participate in coaching. When questioned, she informed that in January that year during the competition she got a trauma of muscles and had to leave the racing track because of acute pain. The process of coaching was interrupted and the athlete underwent a course of medical therapy. She could resume coaching only in March that year but the pain occurred again. On muscle palpation a dense mass about 1 cm in diameter and 7 cm in length was felt. We started DENAS electro reflex therapy course twice a day for the period of 21 days. At first when the patient felt constant pain “Therapy” mode of DENAS therapy was used at frequency 77, comfortable energy level.

Ten days later the patient experienced pain only after coaching and at first the therapy was carried on in the “Test” mode and then it was continued in the “Therapy” mode working on the identified trigger zones. Prior to every coaching as well as following every DENAS electro reflex therapy session a thin layer of  Malavtilin cream was applied to the zone of direct projection of the injured muscle. Then after a ten day break (there was a break between the coaching sessions) the course of therapy was resumed in April following the same scheme of therapy. The third course of therapy was carried out in May. It consisted of three sessions: one session a day and we again we followed the same scheme. The therapy was discontinued due to a complete lack of complaints and restoration of high athletic efficiency. By this time the intramuscular mass palpated previously resolved completely. This sportswoman fulfilled the standard of” Sport Master of International Level” at the competition held at the end of May.


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