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Suddenly radiculitis caught up me

Suddenly radiculitis caught up me. The pain was so terrible that I could not completely straighten up, stand up to my full height. The pain disturbed from the right side of body towards the leg. At work my colleague had gone on vacation, so I worked for two and could not take sick-list. At aid post sick-nurse began to give me an injection of diclofenac.  Immediately without hesitation, I began to treat myself with DENAS, put Dens-applicators, I have Denas-PCM. Treated at high frequency of 200 Hz lumbosacral area, moved every 5 minutes along all area for 6 times – total 30 minutes. Then along spinal column at the lumbosacral area for 5 minutes, after this on the back of the arm according Su Jok – 5 minutes. I made it in the morning before go to work, at the break for dinner I closed the door in office and treated, after the work at home I had time to treat 2 times.  After treatment I put Malavtilin cream. As pain relief I started to use 77 Hz. And just imagine, for 3 days the pain was gone. On the 4th and 5th day I was treated only for prophylaxis. At work colleagues wondered how could I continue to work without taking sick-list. My assistant, my family doctor Denas helped me! Thanks!


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