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I work as sale manager in office

I work as sale manager in office. Not long ago I began to feel discomfort in the neck. I consulted in a hospital, they diagnosed osteochondrosis. At first I did not attach importance to this fact as long as my hands from time to time began to become dumb. I was scared! I complained to my friends and she advised to use Denas-Osteo.

 I was impressed – feeling during the treatment was nice. After the 1st procedure usual stress in neck disappeared, the head became clear up and suddenly I felt the fresh energy.

I took 10 procedures with Denas-Osteo. I liked that I could treat any time in any place: at office, in transport, driving a car, because the hands during the procedure are free. As a result I forgot about numbness and remember that after work there is also life.  Now I have enough energy to do all housework, play with children and to care about husband.


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