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Denas and DiaDens machines for electro-neuro-therapy of psychosomatic disorders

Our body does not lie. It talks about everything – about our experiences, suffering, and internal conflicts. It describes a one-time change of health or protracted illness. This so-called psychosomatic direction in medicine and psychology researches how the mental health impacts on the physical state.

The term “psychosomatic” is composed of two Greek words: psyche – “soul” and soma – “body”, which accurately reflects the essence of psychosomatic medicine, which views disease as a protective reaction of the body’s systems to emotional experience.

All our thoughts and feelings are sending unseen impulses from the brain to the body that causing somehow to respond to external stimulus. For example, a sudden sense of fear triggers the release of adrenaline, quickens the heartbeat, tense of muscles. However, if a person lives in a state of fear, these physiological responses are fixed in his body and accompany him every day.  Being in such tension the body gives failure.

Possible psychological causes of certain diseases:

  • Alcoholism – a sense of guilt and worthlessness;
  • Allergy – some intolerable situation or any relationship;
  • Insomnia – distrust of the life process, a sense of guilt;
  • Gastritis – distressful uncertainty, feeling the need to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, the inability to digest any information;
  • Headache – underestimating yourself, inadequate self-criticism, fear;
  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder – aggressiveness, irritability, depression;
  • Kidney diseases – disappointment, inadequate self-criticism;
  • Heart disease – fear for somebody;
  • Cold – too many events at the same time, the desire to hide somewhere.

The most common psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms:

  • Essential hypertension (the vast majority of cases of essential hypertension);
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers,
  • Irritable bowel syndrome,
  • Headache,
  • Bronchial asthma,
  • Neurodermatitis.

Similarly children have psychosomatics, often it is the main cause of skin diseases, diseases of the digestive system etc .

If the medical examination shows no physical or organic cause of the disease, if the disease is the result of emotional states such as anger, anxiety, depression, guilt so the disease can be classified as psychosomatic.

One common feature unites the majority of people who are prone to react by the body to psychological problems. Such people often have difficulties to verbalize their feelings, senses and experiences. Often this is a due to the way of the family where they grew up and where it was not accepted to talk about their feelings. Having no experience of expression of their feelings such people can have difficulty to determine what they feel and to separate one sense from the other. The result of that, as an adult they do not find the words to express what’s in their mind. Then the body begins to “speak”…..

When the person gets over nervous then it caused the stomach upsets and the sleep gets disturbed. Terrified – high blood pressure … What should be foremost in the treatment of these symptoms? Of course, not a pill for diarrhea and sedative with a side effects. After all, the body is one piece. First is the ability to control its health in the event of stress. At the first place in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases has to be anti-stress therapy and the recognition by the person of psychological factors of the disease. Such person is needed self-examination to change its attitude to the irritating factors for lifestyle changes and taking adequate measures.

Ask any person who has practiced DENAS therapy – innovative electrotherapy for long time, who is familiar with the effects of therapeutic clothing multilayer DENAS-OLM blanket, why he prefers this method. 

You will hear such answers: for excellent results: –  improved sleep and increased efficiency of normalization of blood pressure, relief from allergies and frequent colds, recovery of the digestive system. You’ll hear about those effects which are so important in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases. So, if the disease is caused by psychosomatics, it is likely the application of DENAS-OLM healing clothes and DENAS  multi-purpose devices  will be effective. You can read a lot of comments of our customers who purchased at our Official Denas MS Corporation website.

Everyone is vulnerable and amenable to various diseases. Everyone chooses for himself: arrest the symptoms for certain time (a consequence of the disease) by medications or reach the real reason. Denial of the psychological factor in the manifestation is leading to chronic and pathological consequences. A healthy person is not the one who is not sick but the one who is in harmony with its mental and physical condition.

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