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The device for healing and prevention of back pain

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New model  Denas-Vertebra-2 (also called “Scenar-Vertebra-2”) as well as Denas-Vertebra has 4 automatic therapeutic programs and additional 1 NEW INNOVATIVE PROGRAM – individual prevention and treatment of acute and chronic spinal diseases. It was nothing like this in any previous models produced by Denas Corporation.

Indications for applications Denas Vertebra-2

  • Osteochondrosis, different back pain: acute, chronic pain syndrome in the area of back;
  • Muscle pain related to increased physical exercises;
  • Early and deferred rehabilitation after acute diseases, surgeries and traumas of various localization;
  • Increasing adaptation capabilities of the body under exposure to unfavourable pathogen factors: stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, psycho-emotional instability, sexual dysfunctions;
  • Functional internal disorders.

Automatic programs of Denas-Vertebra

  • Prevention and therapy of neurosis, correction of sleep disorder, complex therapy of cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary and digestive disorders.
  • Moderate pain in back and neck, muscle overstrain, acute condition of internal organs diseases;
  • Severe pain in back and neck, rehabilitation after surgery;
  • Emergency in case of localized back pain.
  • NEW! Individual prevention and therapy of acute and chronic spinal diseases. It improves the results of treatment of acute and chronic pain in back with course applying of programs B and C. Denas – Vertebra-2 automatically finds this problem zone and will stimulate it in therapeutic purposes. Also very important indication to use the program “E” is the effects that we’re getting by massaging the spine with general regulatory actions.
Denas-Vertebra-2 as well as Denas-Vertebra uses method of electro stimulation “running wave” – alternate switching of 48 inbuilt electrodes, which provides additional massage effect. You can use Denas-Vertebra-2 at home as well as in clinics. It is easy for control and does not require any medical education or experience. General Specifications for Denas-Vertebra-2: • Power source: 1,5 B LR6/AA (2 it.); • Denas-Vertebra consists of the control unit (the device) and external electrodes. Weight of control unit – max 100 g, external electrodes – max 5 kg; • Dimensions of the main parts of the electro stimulator: control unit – 140 х 55 х 28 mm, external electrodes – 900 х 365 х 70 mm; • Language: Russian + English manual (it uses only international symbols on the display, there are no Russian or other words inside for its control). For details please download below Friendly manual. Warranty: 2 years extended warranty Downloads available 1. Certificates 2. Brief_friendly_manual_Denas-Vertebra-2 (Size 10 MB, PDF) Note, you need “Adobe Reader” to open this document For more information about DENAS-Vertebra 02, read here.. Watch “New features of Denas-Vertebra-2”


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