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2 treatment program for blood pressure control and regulation

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Indications for applications:
  • stable high arterial blood pressure of patients with essential hypertension as an addtion to complex drug treatment;
  • episodic increase of arterial blood pressure under stressful situations, changes of weather conditions and so on in patients with a labile form of arterial hypertension.
Denas-Cardio-3rd generation has 2 automatic programs: 1st – the same as DiaDens-Cardio-2, which has proved its high effectiveness and additionally 2nd – new.

Treatment Program # 1

You simply put it on your wrist then choose program # 1. After 5-7 minutes of work it will be automatically switched off and that’s it!

Treatment Program # 2

Locate the device on the inne surface of the shin then choose program # 2. After several minutes of work it will be automatically switched off and that’s it! Duration of treatment course: 1-2 procedures a day during 10-15 days regardless of the arterial pressure indices before the procedure. With a stable form of arterial hypertension, repeat the courses monthly. You can use Denas-Cardio along with any other therapy and/or high blood pressure medications. Your body will not get used to Denas-Cardio, so it is guaranteed to be effective each and every time. Denas-Cardio has no known side effects. With continuous use of Denas-Cardio you have a very high chance to completely heal your hypertension condition.

Denas-Cardio is absolutely safe for all users

The device combines frequencies 9.2 Hz, 8.1 Hz, 3.3 Hz, 77 Hz, 20 Hz, 10 Hz which is traditionally used for therapy of the hypertension, and specially designed program “7710” are intended for reception general sedative, becalming effect.


  • arterial pressure is being stabilized at the level acceptable for a patient;
  • general state of health improves;
  • psycho-emotional state improves;
  • physical efficiency increases;
  • the risk of complications of the essential hypertension is reduced;
  • quality of the patient’s life improves.
General Specifications for Denas-Cardio-3:
  • Batteries: 2 x 1, 5 V LR6/AA
  • The device generates bipolar electrical pulses able to dynamically adapt the changes of the skin impedance.
  • Net weight – 0,77 lbs (0,35 kg)
  • Dimensions – 120 х 110 х 110 mm
  • Language – Russian on the box. But the device has no any Russian or other words on the display – it has only international symbols for control.
Warranty: 2 years extended warranty Downloads available: 1. Certificates 2. Denas-Cardio-3_EN_extract_secure Manual (Size 2 MB, PDF) Note, you need “Adobe Reader” to open this document Comments We appreciate if you leave feedback about this new model.


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