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Neurodens-PCM (Denas-PCM-6) – an entirely new dimension of functionality

One of the newest devices produced by Denas is the revolutionary Denas-PCM-6 model. During the first use you can already notice visible improvements. The menu incorporates 5 different languages (Russian, English, German, Italian, and French).

The remote control system generates intuitive navigation through the main menu categories, allowing you a quick access into the required programs. For new users this will be a pleasant surprise, and for experienced users of Denas products, this will open new possibilities.

Improved design

Firstly, the apparatus is equipped with a color LED display. It allows for the visualization of the necessary areas for stimulation. This gadget can be easily handled by an experienced operator and by a new user. Due to its small size, the therapeutic sessions can be implemented on the go.

New frequencies and special programs

Even though the exterior design has changed a lot, the main improvements were done on the inside. Denas has introduced brand new therapeutic programs and an increased level of functionality.

You can simply scroll through the frequencies by using the navigation buttons. The new program 7720, which was so popular with a different line of cardio products, has been introduced here. It has a proven regulation activity over the vegetative nervous system and internal organs.

Previously, this special program was approved for a 5-minute use. With the newest Denas apparatus, it can be used without any limits. Additionally, this mode mobilizes accumulated fluids. This program is mainly prescribed to people suffering from cardio-vascular pathologies.

Also, the 7720 program works great to relieve the symptoms of swelling caused by allergens. Because of its anti-inflammatory proprieties, the 7720 Hz mode is also prescribed for inflammation respiratory system tissues.

Another specific effect of this mode is the positive sedative effect over the nervous system. This means that problems like insomnia, high levels of anxiety and stress can be kept under control. This combined program has expanded the possibilities of the apparatus.

The 125 Hz program is introduced in almost every product from Denas. It has been specifically designed to deal with sharp and chronic pain cause by a variety of conditions. These can be diseases associated with the locomotor system, injuries, and fractures.

This mode can be used efficiently as a prophylactic measure for people who are engaged in sports or lead an active lifestyle. The 125 Hz frequency allows for a large spectrum of usage and provides additional possibilities for control and reduction of pain of the locomotor system.

The manual included in the kit will help understand the meaning of every frequency mode and the way it’s supposed to be applied. To make things easier, Denas-PCM-6 is providing a list of programs categorized after the type of pain that the patient is experiencing.

This means that you can apply the necessary frequency simply based on your symptoms. After selecting the necessary program, the display will show you the exact area for stimulation.

A brand new addition is the Child Doctor program. It is used for children of different age. The menu allows setting the apparatus for the necessary age range. The procedure is completely painless.

This mode minimizes the frequencies to such an extent that it will not cause any discomfort. The length of the procedure will depend on the age of the child.

As you can see, the newest Neurodens-PCM has many things to offer both for children and for adults.


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