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Neurodens-PCM (Denas-PCM 6) advantages and new functionality package

Denas-PCM-6 is the newest portable physiotherapeutic apparatus that can be used for a wide variety of procedures. Primarily it is applied for preventive and therapeutic purposes of painful sensations. The sixth generation is equipped with a small LCD color screen that allows for visualization of the essential information. It has become much easier to switch between the preset modes and apply the necessary wave frequency. With 24 built-in programs, you’ll benefit from a complete therapeutic effect.

This device can be safely used both by adults and children. It has been created to provide maximum comfort. An ergonomic design is the key to productive therapy sessions, especially when these have to be lengthy.

Neurodens-PCM has one big advantage in comparison to its predecessor. The manual is presented in a different format. Previously a paper manual was included to assist you in proper application of this apparatus. With this gadget you won’t need to search for the necessary application area that corresponds to a specific mode. This electronic gadget screen will direct you towards the right area for further stimulation. All you need to do for this is to activate the necessary mode in the menu. There is a timer set that determines the duration of every procedure. After you hear the sound signal, it means that it’s time to move to the next indicated area.

Additional features include menu, translated in 5 different languages (English, Russian, Italian, German, and Czech) as well as a modified and upgraded mode for children. Depending on the age category, there are 4 programs you can select from. This will also influence the timer, as the sessions will become longer or shorter for different age groups.

The main features of DENAS-PCM 6

– A bigger number of therapeutic frequencies, which provide more possibilities to eliminate acute and chronic pain.

– A more efficient rehabilitation program for patients of all ages, including infants.

– A preventive measure for many illnesses, including those caused by chronic stress.

– Added frequencies and the possibility to use a combination of these for a prolonged therapeutic effect.


The main “perks” 

There’s no need to select manually the necessary prescribed frequencies for subsequent application. The device has a set of pre-installed settings and programs that can be easily switched from one to another.

For more experienced users and depending on the basic necessities, the manual search of required frequencies is possible. You can apply any frequency between the 1 to 200 Hz. This has to be done based on symptoms and prescription.

The lowest frequencies are used to create an individualized program.

With frequencies starting from 10 to 20, you can improve your emotional state and regulate the level of hormones. Choose frequencies of 60, 77, 125, and 140 Hz to minimize the sensations of pain, swelling, and reduce inflammation.

When it is necessary to quickly get rid of pain, it is advised to use the maximal frequency of 200 Hz.

Special modes

MED (minimum effective dose) is a program for influencing biologically active points. It is used for rehabilitation after physical and mental overexertion, and prevention of illnesses caused by stress.

Screening is a special mode that helps to identify trigger (problem) areas and determine the areas for further stimulation.

Children’s doctor is the ability to set the optimal power and duration of the procedure. There is a different choice of programs when performing procedures for children.

The portability and versatility of the Neurodens-PCM – 6 physiotherapy device make its use affordable and as convenient as possible.


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