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Denas-PCM for prevention and therapy of acute respiratory infections and flu

Method of prevention of acute respiratory infections,  flu.

The procedure of prevention of  seasonal diseases by using the  Denas easy and not burdensome. Turn on Denas-PCM  to work in the MED program (minimum effective dose), and then install it on the immune zone or point  – on the 7th cervical vertebra, point he-gu, which is located on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger (pic 1 and 2).

Prevention sessions should be carried out every day during the entire risk period for your health, that is, during the epidemic. And do not say that you have no time – a session in the  MED takes only 6-7 minutes a day.

men body back sideHand

Pic 1. Point on the 7th cervical vertebra   Pic 2. Zone (point) he-gu

Method of therapy of acute respiratory infections,  flu.

Also, you can reduce the heat by a Denas-therapy.  When a fever occurs need to apply device in the mode “Therapy” on the carotid arteries, in the hamstring, elbow and arm pits (15-20 seconds each zone). Relief will not come immediately, but after a while  it will be soft  reduction of temperature. In addition to these areas in the therapeutic session should include the working at immune zones (point he-gu, 7th cervical vertebra and so on). Sessions repeat  in 1,5-2 hours.

Method of rehabilitation of acute respiratory infections,  flu.

After the illness, people feel differently. If you have a headache, the blood pressure rises, apply Denas-PCM at a frequency “7710” on neck and collar area. Sessions at this frequency can also be performed when insomnia and increased excitability. Frequency «77AM», in contrast, charges “your batteries” almost instantly. It can be used in situations when you need the energy “here and now, “as well as after the illness, when the weakness and apathy continue haunt you. Just 20 minutes of application each day on neck and collar zone and you will feel how the vitality comes back to you again.


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