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Efficient pain relief with DENAS-Vertebra 2

It is a well-known fact that electrical nerve stimulation is efficient for quick pain relief and reduction of psycho-emotional stress. This kind of pain can lead to increased levels of stress due to a lowered productivity and constant discomfort.

When surgical interference doesn’t provide the necessary results, you can count on a large variety of methods with proven efficiency. One of these methods is called DENAS-Vertebra 02. The second generation of this device appeared as a result of positive feedback from users of the original model. The newest apparatus has combined the benefits of its predecessor and cutting edge scientific discoveries, allowing introducing improved functionality and additional programs.

How to use DENAS-Vertebra 2?

This method of treatment consists of exposing certain parts of the body to electric currents of various types and strengths. Two or more electrodes are connected to the apparatus that generates small electric currents, which are applied to certain parts of the body. The device settings allow generating impulse currents of different frequencies.

When do you need to apply this therapy?

This piece of equipment is prescribed as an additional course of treatment for various diseases accompanied by pain. These can be:

– bruises; – injuries and joint diseases; – spinal injury; – radiculitis; – neuritis; – migraine; – hypertension.

How safe is it to apply DENAS-Vertebra 02?

The unique properties of this device consist in the fact that you will not need help from a physical therapist to be able to use it. With the manual, that’s included in the kit, you will have no problems identifying the areas for further electric stimulation.

How can you use it for prophylactic measures?

Identifying the area that requires electric impulse stimulation is a difficult task even for specialists. Previously, the screening of these areas would require the use of different devices. There was no possibility to do this by yourself. There is a lot of data that goes into this and without an operator, it’s virtually impossible to read this information.

This is where the new program (E) allows you to do this automatically. The device will find the trigger area that may provoke acute pain and will apply stimulation with the necessary frequency. Getting rid of stress for good

It is a well-documented fact that stress can provoke various conditions and diseases of internal organs.  DENAS-Vertebra Second Generation is an ideal solution for minimizing the built-up tension and stress. By applying the first program (A) you’ll be able to lower the levels of stress and anxiety, maintain the cardiovascular system, and improve your immune system.

What is introduced in the latest program E?

Another innovation introduced in program E is a complex therapeutic effect of the entire spinal cord. This area is encompassing the Somatic and Autonomic Nervous Systems, which make it so important for the well-being of the entire human organism. By stimulating this area, you are essentially improving all the prime and secondary systems. This will be followed by the improvement of the cardiovascular system, and subsequently, this will affect beneficially the work of all internal organs. 

In other words, the recently introduced program E is a perfect solution for everybody who is leading an active lifestyle.

For a lasting effect, the device has to be used on a constant basis for at least 10 daily procedures, depending on the severity of symptoms and basic prescriptions.

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