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Dens-glasses in prevention of eye fatigue

Svetlana Bogacheva, MD, ophthalmologist, research worker of center “Ophtalmology” and Ural State Medical Academy, Russia, Director of  “Dr Bogacheva clinic” (

It is said “eye – a “part of the brain,” moved out at the periphery. It is not only the “mirror of the soul”, but also a mirror of our health, because the structure of the eye is very sensitive to any harmful factors.

Anlage of visual system begins from the 4th week of pregnancy and mother’s diseases cause changes in the structures of child’s eyes. It is well known in medicine that severe influenza during pregnancy can cause the congenital glaucoma in child’s organism. If mother suffered from rubella during pregnancy in most of the cases child will suffer from congenital cataracts.

Birth injuries can be also cause of different conditions: strabismus, visual impairment (amblyopia), and delayed development of vision.

So, you need a method of therapy that is available, simple and effective?

Yes, and I found one of such methods – DENAS energy therapy. It can be applied right after appearance of dysfunctions independently of patient’s age. Even if DENS-glasses are not suitable for newborn you can use any universal DENAS energy therapy device over collar, back of the head, neck zones, “6 points on the face” zone. It will help to become central neural system and visual analyzer fully ripe.

But then, when we helped child and restored visual system, he grew till 2-3 years old and become to watch TV, paint, look at the pictures in the books, so he gets quite strong visual load.

In order to keep eyesight in perfect condition I recommend conducting 3-4 courses of DENAS energy therapy a year. 1 course takes 5-7 days. You just need to find 10-15 minutes a day for 1 dens energy therapy session.

Current education system requires reading and writing skills from 6 years old children. That is why from 4 years old, when the visual system is still not completely developed,  parents usually start learn reading, computer games, watch cartoon films. Therefore children spend more time concentrating at the table, but don’t get enough movements for general health and normal visual system development.

DENS-glasses will be the very thing you need to provide eye therapy and prevention at home. If you organize DENAS energy therapy session as a part of children’s game, it will be very easy to habituate your child to recurrent DENAS energy therapy sessions. DENAS energy therapy repetition rates can vary greatly: from two procedures a week up to 2-5 procedures a day depending on therapy or prevention requirements.

– Usually child goes to school with shining eyes and happy face. Then the exertions in school, incorrect posture, TV and computer tire his eyes so much that cause at first asthenopia and then the myopia. And most parents begin to worry about child’s vision when he begins to complain that he can’t see anything on the blackboard.

No need to wait for the complaints! Vision falls gradually, and the complaint is a signal of neglect. Need to have the prevention of eye fatigue since the elementary school. Especially because in this age the child can master himself the DENAS energy therapy and get used to apply it.

The development of human eyesight system is completed up to 10-12 years of age. All the “baby” disorders (amblyopia, strabismus) should be corrected as possible up to this age.

– Elder pupils, students, people who work much with a computer or with small objects, drivers and many other professionals are in need for the prevention of eye fatigue.

Age changes – presbyopia or aged long sight begin at 40 years of age. It is result of aged loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens. Man begins to see up close badly, first moves the text, and then begins to use the glasses. The cause of the vision decrease in old age can also be the clouding of the lens (cataract), glaucoma, retinal dystrophy and many other disorders. All these diseases are closely connected to overall body health.

And one of the components of the overall therapy of age-related disorders should be correction with the help of DENS-glasses. The methodical use of DENS-glasses can not only reduce the development of disorders, but also help to achieve appreciable vision return.


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