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DENAS-Vertebra 02

The Denas Company has brought to the market the newest upgraded Vertebra device of the second generation. The first apparatus is widely known and used for over ten years. It’s been regarded as a revolution in treatment of internal organs and pain symptoms associated with the spine by users, distributors, and scientists. 

What are the main perks of the previous model and the new one?

The first generation had 4 programs:

  1. Program A – used for the entire back area through the effect known as the “running wave”. This effect is achieved through the means of electromagnetic massage. This program is applied when the pain symptoms do not come from any specific area. Because the spine is in a state of constant effort, this program is also recommended for prophylactic measures. 
  2. Program B – used for localized pain in the spine area. By activating the menu on the controller, we are able to select the necessary area for stimulation. This mode is efficient for treatment of a recent and acute pain.
  3. Program C – used for persistent pain that manifests itself for longer than a week or a month. Similarly to program B, you can select on the controller the necessary area for stimulation.
  4. Program D – is used for localized pain when it can be easily found by the patient. In this case, there will be 4 areas you can choose from on the controller for an added precision. Additionally, this is a perfect mode for therapeutic stimulation of internal organs.
  5. Program E (introduced in the new generation) – used for automatic stimulation based on a special algorithm. The apparatus is analyzing the trigger zones that are responsible for pain and chooses the necessary stimulation power.

The last innovative program consists of 3 phases.

– The “running wave” consisting of stimulation of all the areas. Different therapeutic frequencies are applied here.

– The “test” mode. This one was created specifically for this device. Here the apparatus is analyzing the reaction of the skin to the previously applied stimulation frequency. This phase lasts for around 3 minutes and uses the 10 Hz frequency to analyze the reaction on the paravertebral line. The scope is to find the asymmetry which represents the trigger zone.

– The therapeutic phase. After the second phase, the apparatus will start to apply the necessary frequency on the chosen area. The therapeutic phase will last for 10 minutes.

What do real users have to say about the efficiency of Denas Vertebra 2?

The reviews are mainly centered on the process and the aftereffects:

“I must say right away that a lot will depend on the intensity you choose, it is easily adjustable on the remote control.

During the session, the program adapts specifically to your body, in some places you will feel a more pronounced effect.

The effect itself is difficult to compare with anything, sometimes it’s as if a wave rolls over the body from top to bottom (from the neck to the lower back), sometimes it’s like they hit you on the back with fingertips, sometimes tingling.

I noticed that in the most problematic places the sensations are more pronounced, for example, the problem turned out to be also in the kidneys, lower back, although I came with pain in the shoulder muscles.”

“I spent about 40 minutes with Vertebra and when I got up – I could not believe the effect! I got up from the table on my own! Although I had a lot of trouble getting into the position because of the terrible pain.”

Some users are mentioning the price of the apparatus and the quality that comes with it:

“But when your back starts to hurt, after undergoing one or two sessions, you understand that it is worth the money. The result is always positive.”


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