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DENAS-Vertebra 02

This is a piece of specialized medical equipment used for the management and prevention of backache and other diseases, regulation of functional pathologies of interior organs, post-surgical rehabilitation. It is also used to increase the adaptive capabilities of the body during intense physical and psycho-emotional stress.

This equipment directly influences the reflexogenous zone of the spine which is a part of the complex central nervous system.

You can use this unique medical device in the following cases:

  • treatment of back and spine (pain, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, herniated disk, injury, etc.);
  • therapeutic purposes in case of internal organs diseases;
  • postoperative period or for rehabilitation;
  • increases the adaptive capability of the organism during periods of intense stress.

There is also enough evidence that suggests increased efficiency in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

The mechanism of treatment is based on 48 built-in electrodes which provide soft electrostimulation that can be compared with a massage. The alternate work of electrodes can be compared with “wave-like” interaction. You can use it safely at home.

What is the difference between DENAS-Vertebra 02 and the previous models?

All the DENAS models are based on a number of programs depending on the therapeutic purposes. The latest model includes a brand new program E. Here is the list of basic programs and their use: 

  • A – is used in healing of stress, neuroses, improvement of sleep disorders; complex treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary segment, and digestive systems; benefits the general tone of the organism.
  • B – is used for severe back and neck ache and stiffness, soreness caused by pathologies of inner organs, rehabilitation in the postoperative period.
  • C – used for discomfort and mild back pain, muscle strain, aggravation of chronic pathologies of internal organs.
  • D – is an urgent treatment for localized back ache.
  • E (the new one) – is a special preventive and therapeutic way of dealing with chronic diseases. This one enhances the results of acute and chronic pain treatment when used in combination with programs B and C.

There will be no issues switching from one program to another and using it for the required period of time. The easy-to-use remote control will allow you to quickly find the necessary function.

The device has proven its efficiency with the treatment of back pain and related diseases. It has been certified by the Ministry of Health in accordance with according to certificate No. FS – 2011/426 dated 20.12.2011

What else can Denas-Vertebra 02 be used for?

According to medical data, pills cannot have any effect on poor posture. There is a whole complex of procedures, including exercises (preferably swimming). Denas-Vertabra makes the whole process a lot easier. Poor posture cannot be fixed in an instant but it helps improve it.

The preferred types of programs for fixing poor posture would be A in combination with B and C, depending on any existing pain symptoms. The usual duration of the procedure is 14 days.

You will not experience any problems using this device. The guidebook provides all the instructions which are simple and straightforward. At the end of the session, the device will switch itself off. DENAS-Vertebra works both from batteries and from the network, which is very convenient when traveling. Thanks to the sturdy, lockable aluminum case included in the kit, the device can be taken on the train, in the car, and on the plane. The set also includes a DVD disc, batteries, and a set of covers-napkins so that several people can use the device at once.


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