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Test: can Denas help me?

1. Sometimes I or my family members get sick (ARD, headache, neck, abdomen, knee, etc.).

 Yesthe DENAS products will help you quickly to deal with the problem, in some cases without drugs to prevent the development of complications and stop the pain.

2. I have a chronic condition and I constantly use drugs.

 Yes, the DENAS products will help you to reduce the dose of taking drugs, ease your condition and improve your quality of life. But you understand that the therapy of chronic diseases requires a course of procedures (10-14 days in a month, a few courses a year) and be patient during recovery program.

3. I lead a healthy lifestyle (HLS). I do not want to get sick and I prefer to deal with prevention.

 Yesapparatus DENAS and DiaDENS will help you to carry out preventive sessions for 5-10 minutes  a day to maintain good health and a well-timed diagnosis. Devices equipped with special programs: Test MED (Minimum Effective Dose), Screening.

4. I have a horrible disease – cancer. Can Denas cure cancer completely?

 No, unfortunately DENAS doesn’t cure cancer. But it can help to prevent it.

5. I love to go to the clinic and sit in line to  find out about a lot of sores which I do not have yet but they can appear.

 No, you do not need DENAS.

6. I love my doctor – it is pleasant to talk to a man (woman) and he always prescribe me something new.

 No, you do not need DENAS.

7. I do not want to devote myself 30-40 minutes a day to operate the machine, easier just to take a pill.

 No, of course DENAS will not help you.

8. I can not read the instructions and generally poorly absorb new information.

 It will be probably difficult for you. You do not need to buy DENAS.

9. I do not believe that DENAS helps.

 DENAS will help if you will just start to apply it and use correctly. Its effectiveness is  proven.

10. I have no patience to independently carry out a course of apparatus therapy as much as 10-14 days in a row!

  DENAS will help, even if you’re not using it so regularly. Not so fast and efficient, but the result will be still there.

11. I love the comfort and freedom.

  DENAS will definitely help, since therapy can be taken in any comfortable settings like in your journey or at work

12. I read everything but did not understand if DENAS will help me?

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