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Advantages of Denas therapy

I do not know any other methods which would give so much hope.

Professor Kh. Vasserman, 2001


1. High-effective therapeutic biofeedback devices:

  • The efficiency of DENAS energy therapy is proven:

In 60% of cases it provides complete clinical recovery, and in 30% – produces positive dynamics. With DENAS energy therapy the recovery is achieved, on average, three times quicker. Thus, if the therapy of peptic ulcer with medications requires three weeks, DENAS energy therapy can eliminate this condition in 5 – 7 days, without any additional drug therapy.

DENAS always intensifies the positive effects of other kinds of therapy (at least, decreases their negative effect).

Main effects of DENAS energy therapy. There are a lot of diseases in both children and adults which can be healed by DENAS.

  • «Family doctor» and urgent therapy in emergency conditions (when you do not have anything at hand to help the injured or sick person before the ambulance arrives):

Now you are capable to render help to yourself or to people around you in acute conditions before arrival of physicians or you even can do without medical assistance. What is more, you efficiently use the device practically everywhere: at work, in the street, out of town, at home, while travelling, etc.

This your “family doctor” which is always at hand and whose help you will benefit in the most different situations: if you suffer from the usual rhinitis or have an ill tooth or ear problems, if your children start to cough or are on the verge of being ill and nobody is willing to take the sick-leave, if one of your joints is contused, swelled, if you have unintentionally splashed boiled water on your arm or you need to get anesthetics, etc.

  • The excellent assistant capable of preventing the development and healing of chronic conditions:

You now have a real opportunity to get rid of many chronic diseases and become master of your health each day and forever.

Due to application of DENAS energy therapy the majority of acute diseases develop faster and more easily without complications. The majority of chronic diseases are subject to involution up to complete recovery.

  • Positive distant effect upon other diseases:

Unlike present-day single-purpose medicine, DENAS energy therapy does not heal some particular organ but restores body malfunctions. Therapy of some certain pathology, as a rule, produces positive effect upon other disorders as well.

The stimulating pulse ensures the regulating nature of influence on the human body which helps the latter to include quickly the humoral and immune mechanisms (availability of a distant result of self-regulation of lost functions).

  • DENAS device is a perfect combination of diagnostics and therapy;
  • No age limitation for the use of the device.

2. The absolute guarantee safety:

  • The principle of operation is based on forming neuropuls:

The shape of electric signal is selectivited thorough and individual and resembles the natural informational neuropuls (physiology of sent pulses and quick receiving of them by the body as his own). In each case, the device sends these batches of pulses which are most necessary for the given person. High-amplitude weak voltage of low-frequency which is able to excite without damage all types of nerve fibers of the human body.

  • Overdose and accustom to the influence of the device are excluded:

Overdose is excluded, since there is a biofeedback mechanism through which the device receives information from the pathological area. Once sufficient correction has been achieved, the device is automatically disconnected.

Besides, the pulse constant component absence, batches of pulses are multiplicity in various modes due to which there are no becoming accustomed to the influence of the device.

  • Delicate and natural medicine that uses the patient’s inner resources of health in order to eliminate any disease or dysfunction:

The recovery is provided due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves, but not by suppressing defense and adapting mechanisms of the body that mostly results in severer forms of diseases or lingering course of the basic disorder.

  • DENAS energy therapy does not result in complications and practically no contraindications:

Among the few relative contraindications are presence of the “artificial driver of cardiac rhythm”, serious mental diseases.

  • Skin surface remains uninjured (non-invasive):

DENAS does not require hypodermic penetration unlike drop-bottle and other kinds of injections and surgical cuts, therefore there is absolutely no risk of being infected with AIDS and hepatitis. The pulse penetrats of the into the corneal layer to a depth of maximum 1mm.

  • It is absolutely safe in operation:

It does not depend on electric systems. All parts and the external case are made of ecologically clean materials. In manufacturing the device, advanced technologies of design and industrial equipment are applied. Each device passes testing.

  • DENAS energy therapy is compatible to all other kinds of therapy:

The fact of absolute safety, harmfulness and favorable effect of the DENAS energy therapy is proved objectively by experimental reseach carried out in the laboratory of biophysics of the Institute of clinical and expirimental medicine in Novosibirsk at the head of L.P.Mikhailova, doctor of medical sciences (2001).

The DENAS devices are permitted to be used in practical application in medical practice by the order No. 199 of the Ministry of public health services of the Russian Federation from August 23, 1993. The safety of the device is confirmed by the State license Ministry of Health and Medical Manufacturing of the Russian Federation and certificates of conformity. Moreover, there is EuroCat certificate.

3. The comfort therapy, portability, easiness of the use:

  • The procedure of DENAS energy therapy is absolutely painless.
  • No special medical education is required while applying the device:

Of course, it is the doctor who should observe the processes in the body and provide the most effective therapy. However, DENAS devices can be applied by anyone who is familiar with the manual and strictly follows the instructions on therapy. The devices can be used at home as well.

DENAS are very simple to use since all the processes of therapy are automated. Anyone can handle this device with much success.

  • You can restore your health in any time convenient for you – it is not necessary to ask for a sick-leave, stand in a queue in a polyclinic, go to drugstores in search of medicines.
  • DENAS is compact device (of pocket size).

4. The essential economy of family budget:

  • DENAS users do not have to pay for expensive medicines, procedures, and operations.
  • You`ll get a million effects and results.

You have received a remarkable opportunity to feel and look younger – DENAS are capable to put both internal organs and your appearance in order. You gradually acquire a new outlook on life, new sensations, new emotions, new attitude to people around you – healthy people live and feel in a much different way! Now you have got the new status in the social environment – to be a healthy person is modern and prestigious.


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