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DENS-therapy (or DENAS-therapy) is a dynamic electroneurostimulation system, one of the methods of reflexotherapy, which is based on the belief that when exposed to certain reflexogenic zones, the body begins to intensively produce specific biologically active substances that contribute to healing. Thus, self-medication processes are started in the patient’s body. This type of physiotherapy is aimed not only at preventing disease or symptomatic therapy, but also at treating chronic diseases and relieving acute conditions.

The DENAS-therapy method is successfully applied in various clinics. Experts who use dynamic electroneaurostimulation in the treatment of a number of diseases speak of the safety and effectiveness of this method.

When using the method of dynamic electrical stimulation, we can speak of the particular popularity of the DENAS and DiaDENS series. There are also modifications for home use. The simplicity and accessibility of therapy allows people without special training to apply DENAS devices.    

Benefits of DENAS therapy

Our specialists have repeatedly had the opportunity to see the benefits of this type of reflexology. Its main advantages are as follows:

– complete safety: a small list of contraindications, no possibility of an overdose;

– a wide range of diseases for which this method is effective;

– no age restrictions;

– the apparatus doesn’t provoke an addiction;

– efficiency: efficiently deals with acute conditions, leads to remission in the case of chronic diseases;

– reduces the need for medicines;

– does not lead to complications.

  What can you use it for?

The list of diseases for which the use of the method of dynamic electroneurostimulation is shown is quite long and includes pathologies of various body systems. Here are some diseases for which DENAS therapy is effective:

– conditions related to the musculoskeletal system (fractures and bruises, arthritis and other diseases of the joints, osteochondrosis);

– diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, hypotension, vegetative-vascular dystonia);

– nervous system illnesses (migraine, insomnia, fatigue, depression);

– endocrine system pathologies;

– digestive system (indigestion, dyspeptic symptoms, chronic inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract and others);

– diseases of the genitourinary system;

– skin lesions;

– ophthalmic diseases;

DENAS-therapy is also used as a mono-method, especially for the prevention of diseases. However, this method shows no less, and sometimes even greater effectiveness as part of complex therapy in combination with other types of physiotherapy and medications. In any of our clinics, specialists will select for you an individual set of treatment measures and medicines. At the same time, DENS-therapy plays an irreplaceable role: it has a general strengthening effect, increases vascular tone, has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edema effect, fights allergic reactions, enhances tissue regeneration.


There are few contraindications related to DENAS-therapy. The general ones include:

– individual intolerance to electrical impulses;

– the presence of a pacemaker or similar device.

There are also relative contraindications. If those are present, the therapist will have to take a decision on the possibility of treatment with DENAS. These include: epilepsy, neoplasms, venous thrombosis, and mental illness.


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