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Acupuncture without needles

For a long time people have been treated by remedies from nature such as water, mud, heat and cold. With advances in medicine, these remedies have advance and entered a technique of application called physiotherapy. In the twentieth century with the forces of nature used in medicine added one more – electricity.

There are a lot of ways to use electricity for treatment and diagnosis in medicine – from a powerful discharge which starts a stopped heart to the ECG Screening and encephalogram. At the beginning of the XXI century another treatment method of reflexology got dissemination that’s based on the application of an electric current – dynamic electro- neurostimulation (DENAS). DENAS method is the impact of pulsed current on the direct projection of the pathological focus (pain, swelling, inflammation), on the reflex zones and acupuncture points.

The purpose of impact – to stimulate protective processes in the body to use their own natural inherent that are in every creature as healing mechanisms – the ones who work when we heal the wound or the pain goes – without disrupting the complex internal balance of the body.

Humanity is unlikely to ever give up the treatment pills. But this is no accident that in the end of the last century, medicine has begun to vigorously seek non-pharmacological ways to treat diseases, such as included in the practice of methods used in millennial experience of Oriental medicine. Now we all know acupuncture, acupressure points and zones – all these concepts are included in the practice of the European reflexology. The basic principle of DENAS-therapy based on the stimulation of protective mechanisms of the organism is formulated as follows: «where hurts – there fix». But the use of biologically active points and zones DENAS significantly extends the capabilities of this method, and is much easier and safer to send impulse to a specific area of the body than to look for it on the needle point.

What DENAS treats

DENAS devices can be used in emergency care – for the treatment of domestic injuries, relieve acute attacks of chronic diseases, to reduce pain syndromes. In “Practical Guide to dynamic electro- neurostimulation” collected DENAS methodology in case of emergency (loss of consciousness, shock, choking), bruises, sprains, dislocations, fractures, etc. Especially valuable is the use of DENAS on the field – in the garden, in the country, in a campaign, expedition and in sports. For a wide range of diseases there are technique courses of the DENAS. In these cases DENAS can be used as an independent therapeutic agent or in combination with other therapeutic agents – medicines, herbs, physiotherapy, massage and so on. Course application of DENAS reduces recovery time and allows you to reduce the number of used pharmaceuticals. This is important from the standpoint of body safety and financial saving. There are many DENAS methods to remove chronic fatigue, blood pressure regulation, prevention of visual impairment and etc. All preventive courses can be done at home without the cost and time. To increase the adaptive capacity of the organism- it is not only to deal effectively with the vast majority of chronic diseases but also to improve the quality of life in general.

DENAS is the family doctor

The range of devices that implement this method now includes several modifications of universal and specialized devices (for the treatment of hypertension, back pain, cervical spine, solutions cosmetic problems). In addition, for the convenience of sessions have created remote DENS – electrodes: DENS-glasses, DENS-applicator, Denas-Reflexo – electrodes for the feet, and Massage electrodes. Because of these devices, reflexology has become available to everyone. Having mastered the techniques of dynamic electro- neurostimulation , you can easily and simply, without additional knowledge provide treatment and prevention of acute illnesses and chronic diseases at home, to provide first aid in case of injuries and emergency conditions.


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