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“DENAS MS” Corporation is one of the leaders in world market of biofeedback devices for health. More than 2 millions DENAS devices were sold worldwide since 1998 – the year of establishment. Products of DENAS Corporation are represented in Russia, Europe, USA and other countries – there are 15 branches and 116 distribution centers.

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The efficiency of Denas therapy is proven. Denas therapy is safe, painless and easy to use at home.

Extended warranty for the devices: 2 years.

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Dr. Natalia Golmgren

Dr. Aleksei Safronov

Dr. Marina Umnikova

Our clients say


For a long time I had a intervertebral hernia. I couldn’t get any good medical help to fix it. Several years I suffered from terrible pain and limited mobility. I was desperate. I thought I would die like that. I was researching some alternative options on the internet when I found Denas-PCM-6 with Denas-Applicator. It has been great relieving my pain almost immediately. I was able to clear up my hernia within two months and I feel great. I’ve recovered completely and now I enjoy long walks on our great hiking trails in Rocky Mountains. This is a miracle tool! I tried also Denas-Osteo-2 for my neck problems. I recommend it also!

– Jeff Gordon, Grand Lake, CO, USA


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