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The unique nature of therapeutic possibilities of DENAS devices includes the following features which distinct them from any other currently known devices:

  1. Thorough selectivity of a shape of the electric signal which resembles the natural informational neuropulse.
  2. Absence of the pulse constant component, multiplicity of batches of pulses in dozed and constant modes due to which there is no becoming accustomed to the influence of the device.
  3. High-amplitude weak voltage of low-frequency which is able to excite without damage all types of nerve fibers of the human body.
  4. Penetration of the pulse into the corneal layer of the skin to a depth of maximum 1 mm.
  5. Availability of efficient biofeedback concerning the skin impedance. The device itself finds necessary effective zones of therapy.
  6. Physiology of sent pulses and quick receiving of them by the body as his own.
  7. The individual nature of selection of signals. In each case, the device sends these batches of pulses which are most necessary for the given person.
  8. Quick response due to biofeedback.
  9. The stimulating pulse ensures the regulating nature of influence on the human body which helps the latter to include quickly the humoral and immune mechanisms.
  10. Removal of energy and informational blocks, restoration of lost links between pathologic zones and all controlling systems of the body.
  11. The possibility to achieve a success at any diseases.
  12. The use of these devices is indicated at therapy of acute states and at rendering emergency aid.
  13. Achievement of the effect during therapy or immediately after therapy in most of acute cases.
  14.  Availability of a distant result of self-regulation of lost functions.
  15.  Practically no contraindications.
  16.  No age limitation for the use of the device.
  17.  Portability, independence and simplicity of the use.
  18.  No special medical education is required while applying the device.
  19.  The effect is achieved without other methods of therapy as well as at the complex therapy of diseases.
  20.  Optimal combination of the cost and efficiency of therapy.
Unique features of Denas devices

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