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Denas-Osteo 2nd generation -  new model 2015 year

Denas-Osteo quickly and  efficiently removes  neck pain syndrome, muscular stress, a limitation of neck mobility, fatigue of muscles and other functional disturbances.  These conditions are usually caused by the diseases of the neck muscles, diseased upper area of the spine, or whiplash  injury.  

In comparison with the Denas-Osteo-1st generation new model has 2 new automatic therapeutic programs. All programs are the following:

Denas-Osteo-2’s energy healing

Denas-Osteo-2 provides dynamic electro stimulation of reflex zones on the posterior surface of the neck. It is intended for children over 14 y.o. and adults and provides biofeedback and energy healing effect.

Many years of scientific research provide clear evidence that the dynamic electro stimulation demonstrates a powerful healing influence. Research shows that the healing process is based on multilevel reflex and neurochemical reactions which activate a chain of regulatory and the adaptive 31 mechanisms of the body.  As a result, neck pain syndromes are eliminated, blood circulation is improved, biologically active substances formation and metabolic processes in tissues are activated, muscle and vascular tone are normalized. The dynamic electro stimulation promotes improvement of the general state of health, mood and increase of work efficiency.

Conditions for therapy

You do not need any special conditions for the procedure. You can carry out procedures yourself without any assistance. The therapy is taken in a comfortable sitting or lying position. About 20 minutes are required for the full therapy after which the Denas-Osteo-2 will automatically turn off. When the therapy procedure is complete, the patient should relax for 10-15 minutes.  

Please note: in the control panel there are international symbols, so any language-speaking user can easily learn and apply it with English original manual.  It is very important to apply device correctly. Only our official webstores supply Denas-Osteo-2 with full English original manual.

General Specifications for Denas-Osteo-2:

Warranty: 2 years extended warranty

Downloads available

1. Certificates

2. Denas-Osteo-2 English Operations Manual. Extract. (Size 0,5 MB, PDF)

Note, you need "Adobe Reader" to open this document


1. Posted by rty45 at 19:41, 19 November 2013

A couple of years ago it became very distressing with pain in the cervical spine - apparently sedentary work began to affect adversely. I went out from neurologist’s consulting room with a diagnosis of "cervical osteochondrosis" and a very long list of medications. During the year of treatment I tried, it seems every possible means: from ointments, tablets and popular recipes, ending quarterly massage courses. Pain has been gone for some period, but only to return again and continue to cause discomfort. This continued until a colleague at work suggested to try the device "Denas-Osteo", which was presented to her. I tried it. After the first 15 minutes of the device’s work pain really was gone! I was pleased with simple intuitive control - only 4 buttons, and any action immediately displayed. A week later I bought my own device, because during the methodical use I forgot about the pain as a nightmare. For almost a year I am living without pain, and Denas-Osteo has become an indispensable tool for this. And I advise it to everyone. Also thanks to the program "Relaxation": Denas-Osteo can be applied for a quick relaxing in the evening after a hard day and for an easy falling asleep.

Lauren Davis, Texas, USA

2. Posted by rompot at 19:41, 7 October 2013

I work as sale manager in office. Not long ago I began to feel discomfort in the neck. I consulted in a hospital, they diagnosed osteochondrosis. At first I did not attach importance to this fact as long as my hands from time to time began to become dumb. I was scared! I complained to my friends and she advised to use Denas-Osteo. I was impressed - feeling during the treatment was nice. After the 1st procedure usual stress in neck disappeared, the head became clear up and suddenly I felt the fresh energy. I took 10 procedures with Denas-Osteo. I liked that I could treat any time in any place: at office, in transport, driving a car, because the hands during the procedure are free. As a result I forgot about numbness and remember that after work there is also life.  Now I have enough energy to do all housework, play with children and to care about husband.

Sarah Steele, Florida, USA

3. Posted by johnque at 10:15, 1 October 2013

We have Osteo apparatus for a long time. Recently I again made sure what good helper it. We have been living in the country all summer. I treated by it wife’s neck, held the device on the neck, the pain lessened, thank God.  With the help of Denas-Osteo we treat illnesses ourselves. It quickly relieves pain, if a sore back or neck. Now we have no idea how to be without it. Everywhere we go we take it. It takes a little place – can be placed in the glove compartment of the car. For example I put it on the neck during a traffic jam.

John Querrey, New Jersey, USA

4. Posted by dontur at 18:17, 19 June 2013.

When I saw unusual white small box with Osteo in the storefront, I have not understood at once what it is. But shop assistant told me about the principle of its action. Also I got to know about energy therapy (official name sounds a little harder). The Denas-Osteo is really efficient thing for pains in neck or upper  back. I have to work with computers for a long time almost every day. But right here at work or in the car I use Osteo.  Its light pricking and even some vibration helped me to be in good spirits all day and forgot about the pain in the neck. Also the device helps a lot for normalization of sleep and with excessive fatigue.

Donald Young, Los Angeles, USA

5. Posted by ther_dr at 16:11, 3 April 2013.

I am psychotherapist. Excellent results in the treatment of depression we got from combination during one session therapeutic blanket (full body wrap to 30 minutes) and denas-therapy (I use Denas-Osteo)  program Relaxation and in the usual dosage. The effect is equivalent to receiving antidepressants only comes faster. Patient came to me in a state of chronic subdepression, 3 years . There were apathy attacks until suicidal thoughts. He was not himself  on average every other day, but at least once every 2 days. Today there is the 7th session.  He likes most of all the blanket. He said, this week his mood is equable, never apathy returned.

Alfred Bohm, Dresden, Germany

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