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Dens - Glasses (new model - 2012 year)

New Dens-Glasses are produced from modern hypo-allergenic elastic material – electrically conductive silicon.

Dens-glasses are efficient for:

Until recently we had different ways of sight correction. First of all glasses, secondly - modern ultrathin lenses and the third - surgical operation. However, each of these methods has disadvantages, for example, the person wearing glasses has difficulty in practicing sports, lenses need careful care and the operation doesn't guarantee stable effect.

Now all people who have poor eyesight can try and successfully use DENS-glasses - the brand-new invention in the ophthalmology, which gives an excellent possibility of visual acuity correction without surgical operation. Dens-glasses are intended for prevention and therapeutic influence by Dens-therapy on eyes and for general regulative effect of organism systems.

"About originality of Dens-glasses  we can speak with confidence: until recently nothing similar to it has been applied for correction of eye disorder, - says Valery Vladimirovich Tchernyshev, director of scientific research medical institute in Moscow. - The Dens-therapy is used in Dens-glasses, which efficiency in healing eye diseases was proven a long time ago. The low-frequency impulse chosen specially for eye muscular influences on eye orbit fabric and eyeball. Thus, the combination of local action on eye muscular with the purpose of improvement tone and the general influence on central nervous system, visual centers of brain, gives a remarkable result "

This method is simple and accessible, it doesn't have any serious contraindication and limitation. To use it you need only any Denas or DiaDens device. The universal form of Dens-glasses enables to use it to people with any type of features and eyes. There is no age restriction for this method. In any case electrodes will influence on necessary biologically active points and zones of a child or an adult for achieving results.

Speaking about advantages of Dens-glasses, it is necessary to mention one more feature. They can be applied not only for healing eye problems, but also for prevention. Was there a problem for ophthalmologists to find reasonable and effective way to save mankind from eye diseases? Having at home (or at the office) Dens-glasses, the person can solve this problem quickly and efficiently. When you feel discomfort during your work (for instance, with computer or writing, reading) you should put on Dens-glasses connected to the device and have them on for some minutes. That's enough. After such short session (some minutes) eyes will be as rested as in the morning and will be again ready to continue the hard work.

Thus Dens-glasses enables you to achieve not only good results in eye diseases therapy but increase your host defences in general.

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Denas-PCM-6, Denas-PCM-5, DiaDens-PCM-3, DiaDens-PC, DiaDens-T-2, Denas device-2, Denas-3 2014,  Denas-T-3 2014, Denas-PCM-4 2014

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1. Posted by winch at 09:21, October 27 2013

My friend was wearing glasses all his life and he was mortified about that laser eye surgery. Although his vision was pretty bad at that time he refused to even consider the Lasik. After much research he settled on the DENAS with Dens-Glasses and bought himself one. Couple of month later no one could recognize him cos he was wearing light thin glasses instead of his usual bulky, half and inch thick goggles. He went from –6 to –1. I was blown away and asked him If I could borrow the tool. He gave it to me and about 3 weeks later, my –2 vision is a distant memory and I feel like I have a set of brand spanking new eyes! I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, but this device really does work.

Jessica Winchester, Columbus, OH, USA

2. Posted by jinty at 11:45, April 17 2013

Problems with vision began from as far back as childhood: measles, transmitted at the age of 10 years, caused complications on eyes. Since then I wear glasses. After childbirth my vision began to fall strongly. In 2007 year I was operated on retinal detachment of right eye and I got disability insurance. I could not see even one line in table for checking vision. Doctors prohibited to heave, bend etc. I was among the first who bought Dens-glasses with Denas device. I carried out 3 treating courses at home according my intuition suggested and then checked the results in hospital. After the treatment I could read without any glasses 2 lines in table, and nine lines in glasses (before treatment I could see only 5 lines in glasses). Doctors were very surprised. This is wonderful result! Of course, I will continue treatment.

Lucie Svobodova, Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep.

3. Posted by frick_s at 18:16, February 1 2013

My 5-years granddaughter had to wear glasses almost from the birth because of partial atrophy of optic nerveShe had myopia – 7. And this in the age when baby begins to become acquainted with the world! However now we can tell this in past tense thanks to Dens-glasses. Girl put Dens-glasses for 3-4 minutes before bedtime. So we carried out 2 courses, every one consisted 10 procedure. Results exceeded all expectations – vision improved almost in 3 times and reached – 2. We are very appreciated with these wonderful Dens-glasses. Now she can get to know the world!

Samantha Frick, Newcastle, Australia

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