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The device for healing and prevention of  back pain

New model (2015 year)  Denas-Vertebra-2 as well as Denas-Vertebra has 4 automatic therapeutic programs and additional 1 NEW INNOVATIVE PROGRAM - individual prevention and treatment of acute and chronic spinal diseases.

It was nothing like this in any previous models produced by Denas Corporation.

Indications for applications Denas Vertebra-2

Automatic programs of Denas-Vertebra

  1. Prevention and therapy of neurosis, correction of sleep disorder, complex therapy of cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary and digestive disorders.
  2. Moderate pain in back and neck, muscle overstrain, acute condition of internal organs diseases;
  3. Severe pain in back and neck, rehabilitation after surgery;
  4. Emergency in case of  localized back pain.
  5. NEW! Individual prevention and therapy of  acute and chronic spinal diseases. It improves the results of treatment of acute and chronic pain in back with course applying of  programs B and C.  Denas - Vertebra-2 automatically finds this problem zone and will stimulate it in therapeutic purposes. Also very important indication to use the program "E" is the effects that we're getting by massaging the spine with general regulatory actions.

Denas-Vertebra-2 as well as Denas-Vertebra  uses method of electro stimulation “running wave” - alternate switching of 48 inbuilt electrodes, which provides additional massage effect.

You can use Denas-Vertebra-2 at home as well as in clinics. It is easy for control and does not require any medical education or experience.

General Specifications for Denas-Vertebra-2:

Warranty: 2 years extended warranty

Downloads available

1. Certificates

2. Friendly Brief Manual (Size 10 MB, PDF)

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Denas Vertebra-2

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$US 1720.00

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