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DENAS-PСМ 6th Generation is space technology for your health

The raptures over DENAS-PCМ 5 device with the Baby Doctor function launched last year haven’t subsided yet, when the DENAS Group of Companies developed the next sensational novelty. It is DENAS-PCМ 6 – the device which differs from its precursors in both appearance and function package.

Even now DENAS-PCМ 6 is called a technological breakthrough, a sensation in the world of portable physiotherapy for home use. Why is it a sensation? What will the customer receive by acquiring DENAS-PCМ 6? We’ll examine it in detail.

The first thing that the customer is interested in is therapeutic potential, a possibility to help yourself and your relatives to solve certain health problems.  And here there is a pleasant surprise for our customers – the broaden options. In DENAS-PCМ 6 all the programs, frequencies and regimes found in the previous devices have been preserved,  and two new frequencies have been added – these are the frequency of 125 Hz and the modulated mode “77 20”.

The investigations of the “77 20” regime (the combination of two frequencies – 77 and 20 Hz), which were conducted by the Medical Department in the DENAS Clinic,  have shown that with its help the anti-stress effect is easily reached – the elimination of the disorders of the nervous system, anxiety and fear, depression and so on. Besides, the frequency modulation “77 20” gives the pronounced vascular (regulates the vascular tone), antiedematous and lymphatic drainage effects.

The other new frequency is 125 Гц. This frequency hasn’t been included in DENAS devices yet, but users know about it from the DENAS-Osteo-2 programs – “Headache” and “Relaxation”. The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild analgesic effect. Due to this frequency the mechanism of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses is increased.

In DENAS-PCМ 6 the Children’s Doctor function was considerably improved. The reviews have shown that it was eagerly accepted and it turned out to be in demand by young parents. After that it was decided to broaden the options and specify the usage of “Children’s Doctor”.

Thus, in DENAS-PCМ 6 the age gradation appeared: from 0 to 1 year old; from 1 to 3 years old; from 4 to 7 years old; from 8 to 12  years old.  Depending on the age the period of stimulation and a set of regimes for “Express Therapy” change automatically: for each age group certain treatment programs are offered. For instance, most children from 0 to 1 year old have the same illnesses and pathological states – and in this case the treatment programs “Distension”, “Diarrhea”, “Constipation” will come to their aid. As the years go by and due to the increased activity of the child some other problems can occur. Therefore, in the list of programs for children from 1 to 3 years old you can find such programs as “Muscles”, “Trauma”, “Pain” and so on. In the other words, by switching on the Children’s Doctor function and choosing the needed age group from the four available, parents can easily find in the list the program they are interested in and conduct a session aimed at the elimination of the problem.   

It is expected that the broadening of the Children’s Doctor function will enable to significantly enlarge the consumer audience for account of young families with children.

The next advantage of DENAS-PCМ 6 which can be noticed at first sight, is its appearance and user features, maximally adapted for a beginner.

Speaking about the appearance, it is necessary to mention the significant changes in the design of the device. A few industrial designers took part in the elaboration of the body, and what we have now is a symbiosis, the result of the collective work. Thanks to its usability – special hollows for fingers on the back panel, comfortable location of the buttons, the streamline, subelongated form of the body – DENAS-PCМ 6 is good for holding in the hand and it is very comfortable to work with it even during long sessions.

The display has also been changed: for the first time a fundamentally new liquid crystal display with polycarbonate glass - durable and completely transparent - was installed in DENAS-PCМ 6. Besides, a user of DENAS-PCМ 6 can choose the most comfortable for perception color gamut of the display from the 4 options available (“Night”, “Turquoise”, “Bronze” and “Winter”).

And, perhaps, the most important innovation which is highly estimated by both a beginner and an experienced user is that DENAS-PCМ 6 is equipped with an electronic instruction for using programs (which has been offered in the paper variant so far). A color picture with the zone on which the device should be put appears on the display when the patient chooses a needed program in the menu of “Express Therapy”.  After the procedure is finished on the selected zone (at the session there is a countdown timer), the sound signal is given, and then a picture of the next zone appears.  

When finishing the talk about the convenience of the application of the device, it is necessary to mention about its one more essential difference and advantage – multi languages.  A user of DENAS-PCМ 6 will be able to set one of the five languages available: English, German, French, Italian, Russian,  and then all the inscriptions and the names of the programs will be provided only in that language.

DENAS-PCМ 6 has not only external differences – the device is equipped with the expensive and high-precision electronic components, in particular new highly-integrated chips. These invisible to the naked eye changes are found, first of all, in the main qualities of the product – its durability and service life.

It has passed a little less than 15 years since the first DENAS device was launched. And those people who were the first users of the products of the DENAS MS Group of Companies can see how much they have advanced, how rapidly the production of the company is developing, allowing to launch such high-tech product. And without false modesty we can say that with the launch of DENAS-PCМ 6 a new milestone in development of the DENAS technology begins. Even more possibilities, more comfort and more enjoyment from the result of its application.

Denas-PCM 6: full review of new features
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18th  May 2016 year  - President of Denas MS Corporation S.Ryavkin is officially presenting first unit of Denas-PCM-6 to Vice-President L.Maltseva