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S.Ryavkin - President of 
 DENAS MS Corporation


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History President

Head office of  DENAS MS Corporation
DENAS MS Corporation is a multi-branch organization dealing with the production of physiotherapy devices, mineral salts, products for health, etc. Head office of Corporation is located in Russia, Yekaterinburg.

European branch is in  Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary.

In spring 2003 the production of the DENAS MS Corporation received certification in the Certification German Center EUROCAT under ISO-9000 Eurostandards.  It became possible owing to a high technological level of production, high-quality equipment and quality control DENAS is a device of the European standard.

Products of DENAS Corporation are represented in Russia, Europe and other countries – there are 15 branches and 116 distribution centers.

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Denas MS Corporation,  EUROCAT under ISO-9000 Eurostandards, Russia, Yekaterinburg,  Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary


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